There is a huge choice available to dog owners nowadays and it can be quite overwhelming. We choose to feed Akela Grain-Free Working Dog food and we have been very pleased with how the dogs appearance and energy has been whilst on the food. Below is some information from Akela but if you want to know more please ask or email them directly at and don’t forget to mention that I sent you.


“What is Akela 80:20?"

This complete working food is British made, contains 80% meat & 20% fruit and veg – leaving no room for grains or cheap fillers. Dogs have a digestive system designed to benefit from a diet high in protein and high in fat. Whilst dogs can digest carbohydrates this is more an adaptation that allows them to survive but doesn’t mean they thrive on it.

Akela complete dry dog food comes in 3 kibble sizes and 3 flavours. Original is a mix of Chicken, Turkey, Fish & Egg. Fish Feast is just mixed fish including Salmon, Herring, Trout, Tuna and Whitefish - perfect for those fish fans out there. Finally Suffolk Duck is just Duck - and Akela are the only 80:20 food brand to offer this. This means we do not use Chicken Fat or Salmon oil etc in our Duck recipe. We also don't include any White Potato or Pea ingredients (in the Fish or Duck) - meaning our Suffolk Duck is the ideal food to try for a lot of allergy prone dogs.

We source our ingredients locally wherever possible, currently our dry kibble ingredients are sourced from: Chicken & Duck - UK sourced / Herring - Atlantic sourced / Turkey, White Fish, Trout & Tuna - EU sourced.

The three kibble sizes are all the same ingredients, so it just depends what size your dog prefers. The small paws is pretty tiny, so great for most puppies and toy/small breeds. The big paws is suitable for dogs from about 20-25kg upwards and medium paws suits anything in between.

Akela is single lifestage, which means that we do not make a puppy food, then take out the good stuff to make a cheap adult food, then put it back in for senior dogs. Instead dogs of all ages from weaning onwards can enjoy our kibble - just make sure you check out the feeding guide page as the quantities will change throughout your dogs life.

Although pretty much all dogs who are used to kibble seem to thoroughly enjoy Akela you can try with a sample first. or click on the banner at the top of this page".